∅32.18mm (1 1/4"). Cup type
Core Plug
1/4" BSP
Drain Tap
∅22.27mm (7/8"). Cup type. Mild Steel
Core Plug
Decal Kit-Ford 7610
Decal Kit-Ford 7610
Decak Kit Ford 4000
Decal Kit-Ford 4000
Decal Kit-Ford 3000
Decal Kit-Ford 3000
Licence Holder - Rubber Surround
Licence Holder
Quantity: 2 x S.8385 bonnet catch with bracket
Agripak Bonnet Catch with Bracket
(Without Gear Shift Markings)
Gear Knob
By removing larger particles, these pre-cleaners will not only prolong serviceability of expensive air filters but minimise machinery downtime as well as extending engine life. Inlet: 2 1/2". Height: 7".
Pre Cleaner