Containing 2 x S.2971 Bearings, 1 x S.11157 Seal & 1 x 1501 Cotter Pin.
Wheel Bearing Kit Replacement for David Brown
Plough Lamp - Fitting: H3 PK22S. Volts: 24. Watts: 70.
BULB-24V 70W
Plough Lamp - Fitting: H1 P.14.5S. Volts: 12. Watts: 100.
BULB-12V 100W
Brake and Clutch Cleaner (400ml Aerosol). This specially formulated brake and clutch cleaner enables quick and effective removal of oil, grease, brake fluid, lining dust and dirt from brake and clutch systems.
(Material: Nitrile Rubber 70° shore hardness. For general use at temperatures: -40°C to +135°C.)
O'Ring 1/8" x 1 15/16" (BS830) 70 shore
For use on sheet metal and panels to protect sharp edges
Plastic Edging Strip (Black). 1mm - 4mm (1m length).
Infiller for use with S.101036 & S.10174
Locking Bead
15 Holes. Tinted
Rear Upper Glass