Lens - Red/Amber - Fits S.18455
Lens Rear Light
HT Lead with 30m coil
HT Lead with 30m coil
Series 6206 Type Open I/D= 30mm O/D= 62mm Width= 16mm
Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Levelling Box Yoke Assembly Minimum/Maximum Length: 495mm/520mm.
Levelling Yoke Fork
Pin ∅: 22.2mm. Working Length: 77mm
Hitch Pin and Clip
Left Hand / Right Hand Spindles, Contains: 4 x S.14530 O'Ring, 2 x S.17659 Thrust Washer, 4 x S.17616 Bush
Spindle Repair Kit
Minimum/Maximum Length: 635mm/735mm
Check Chain Assembly
Length: 425mm. Thread: 7/8" UNC.
Levelling Box Shaft
Used with S.14862 Top Link Assembly
Clevis Pin