Wiring Harness
Wiring Harness
Distributor Cap
 Distributor Cap
Spade connector type
 Control Box
Bullet connector type
Control Box
Supercedes S.65579
 Control Box
Brush Set - Dynamo
Dynamo Brush Set
Width: 12.5mm.
 Dynamo Pulley
For M45 starter - Volts 12
Field Coil
Starter Solenoid    Volts    12
Starter Solenoid
Volts: 12. Kilowatts: 2.8. Number of Teeth: 10. Number of Flange Holes: 3. Bell Opening: Left.
Starter Motor (Lucas TVS)
Switch - Safety (Isolation)
Safety Switch
Bulbs not supplied "E" Approved Volts: 12 Function: 2 Fitting: RH/LH Length: 180mm Height: 73mm Width: 65mm Replacement Bulbs: S.5079 & S.51131 See Cat/Web for details of models this fits Supercedes S.7851
Front Combination Light, RH/LH