S 61144  With primer paint finish
Seat Pan Metal S 61144
S40535 Massey Ferguson TEA20, TED20 Standard 85mm
Oil Filter S40535
Volts: 6v Fits 2N - 8N - 9N
Coil S60837
Key - Ignition Switch (Fits S.60820)
Ignition Key  S60835
Switch - Safety
Safety Switch S60834
Massey Ferguson TE20, TEA20, TO20
Ignition Switch S60821
amps: 30 Chrome Ring/Black Face Fitting ∅ 52mm Illuminated
Ammeter S60759
80p.s.i Fitting ∅ 52mm.
Oil Pressure Gauge S60758
Ford Gear Stick Decal 4000, (4100, 4600 -> 5/76) 8 SPEED WITH INDEPENDENT PTO
Gear Stick Decal S60664