Plough Lamp - Fitting: BA20S. Volts: 12. Watts: 35
BULB-12V 35W
Fitting: P36d. Volts: 12. Watts: 50/40
Bulb 12V 50/40 Headlight
Fitting: Ba15d. Volts: 12V. Watts: 5W. SBC. E Approved
Bulb 12V 5W Side/Indicator
Type 2. DIN 3760. Size: I/D: 90mm x O/D: 110mm x Depth: 13mm. Double Lip. Supercedes S.64019
Oil Seal
Oil Seal -Type 2. DIN 3760. Size: I/D: 32mm x O/D: 48mm x Depth: 8mm. Double Lip
Oil Seal 32 x 48 x 8mm D/Lip
Working Length: 98mm. With linch pin and chain.
Tag Hitch Pin (3/4"∅)
Minimum/Maximum Length: 532mm/815mm. Thread: 1 1/8" UNC. Colour: Gold.
Top Link (Cat. 2/2) with Ball Ends
Thread: 3/4" UNC. Top hole ∅ on this stabilizer is 0.620" / 15.75mm Bottom hole ∅ on this stabilizer is 0.630" / 16.00mm
Levelling Box Assembly