PTO, 9". 10 Spline. Supercedes S.72779 and S.41645
Clutch Plate
Replacement for Ford New Holland/Massey Ferguson/Renault/Ford/Ferguson
Spigot Bearing Flywheel to Input Shaft
This is not a "constant running" bearing and the clutch fingers should be set with a clearance to ensure fingers are clear of the release bearing when the pedal is released (For constant running option use S.73047).
Clutch Release Thrust Bearing
Brake and Clutch Fork Shaft, OD 27mm, ID 25.5mm, Width 19.2mm
57.3 x 43.6 x 9.7mm
Gear Box Input/Oil Seal
Oil Seal 1.125" x 1.563" x 0.375"
Main Drive Shaft Oil Seal
Oil Seal 1.125" x 1.5" x 0.25"
Mai Input Oil Seal
Oil SeaL 1.75" x 2.7" x 0.765"
PTO Seal
Oil SeaL 60.3 x 79.3 x 9.5mm
Oil SeaL