• Type: Vertical, • Finish: Heat Resistant Black, • Fitting ∅: 48mm, • Overall Length: 104cm, • • Silencer Length: 67.2cm, • • Silencer ∅: 12 x 23cm.
A ∅ ins 1/2A ∅ mm12B ins6ft 6B mm2000C ins6ft 11C mm2100
Engine Stop Cable (2100mm)
Length: 810mm. Number of Holes: 4.
Lower Link Arm
Length 273.05mm, ∅ Top 31.75mm, ∅ Bottom 34.93mm, Thread 3/4"
Spindle (LH)
Pin ∅: 22.2mm. Working Length: 77mm
Hitch Pin and Clip
Series 6206 Type Open I/D= 30mm O/D= 62mm Width= 16mm
Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Belt No: C49. Section: C. , Type: Classical V Belt. Top Width x Depth: 22 x 14mm (7/8" x 9/16"). Metric Ref. Inside Length (Li): 1250mm. Outside Length (LA): 1346mm (53").
Fan Belt
Use Hose Clip S.4328
82°C/180°F, Supercedes S.63076
3/4" UNF. Supercedes S.17463
Castle Nut